Thursday, February 9, 2006

#cl-gardeners: a channel for Lisp newcomers!

#lisp on FreeNode is home for many experienced
CL wizard, and not primarily a place for asking trivial lisp newcomer
questions. Of course, not all of these questions are valid. Some of
those people joining #lisp simply want to get their homework done
(preferably by others). But sometimes there are people that seriously
want to learn Lisp. Every single one that is not sucked into the
Common Lisp community is a loss that might not be quantified. And
selfish as I am, I simply dislike the idea that there are any
obstacles for lisp newcomers to start writing lisp code that someday I
might be able to use :).

Now we have a channel, where newcomers can ask question and eventually
get answer by newcomers. It is #cl-gardeners. You don't have to
fortuneteller to predict that sometimes newbies can answer questions
by other newbies better than an experienced CL. And in most cases,
both parties gain knowledge. The unexperienced newbie by getting an
answer, the semi-experienced newbie by repeating his partially
acquired knowledge; you'll find that learning technique in every
serious "teachers handbook".

However, CL wizards that are in a mood for providing help to newcomers
are invited to join #cl-gardeners to share their experience. This
gives #lisp the opportunity to send help seekers to #cl-gardeners when
#lisp is busy with more important stuff or simply doesn't want to give
an answer. (This is also the reason why #cl-gardeners should be on the
same net as #lisp.)

So, if you are interested join #cl-gardeners on FreeNode. Lurking and
idling is totally ok, and actually desired. Please consider
#cl-gardeners as candidate for your autojoin list.

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