Friday, June 30, 2006

Beyond my expectations

Whenever you are tempted to say something controversal, you can
relativize your statement a bit like "Personally, I think that ...",
"From my point of view.. ", or even better "It can be argued
that...". You do that to prevent steering up dust. Well, for the
following statements I won't need such things:

The Common Lisp Workshop was a huge success. Success in terms of
people attending the workshop. Success in terms of people hacking
Common Lisp. Success in terms of progress parts of the audience made
despite the task I have choosen was way to big for a one hour

Actually I should say 3 1/2 hour workshop. I talked for twice the time
I planned for and was surprised that both parties involved sustained
this: First, that I am able to concentrate for such a long time on
talking sense about non-trivial ideas, second that the audience
appearently was able to listen to me.

I hope to repeat this workshop somewhere sometime (if you are
interested just mail me), but as in this very moment in your personal
time dimension there is no workshop happening (presumably because you
are looking at a website), I put the course material online

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